Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Why I'm Scared of Mexican Food

I'm going home for Thanksgiving this year! This is the first time I've been home for Thanksgiving since I was 16. I'm pretty much stoked. I really like my family. And they're probably even better in November because everyone knows that November rocks.

Once upon a time, though, I decided to go to college a gillion miles away from home. This made going home expensive and therefore not-very-often. My freshman year the plan was -- go home for Christmas, but stay in Utah for Thanksgiving and bum off your cousin's holiday.

I could handle this. It was a good plan. I really like my cousin and he's basically my only family that doens't live in the Southeast.

During the week leading up to Thanksgiving Thursday, lots of my friends were shipping off to enjoy Thanksgiving with their families that didn't live in Florida. Only a hand full of us remained in the deserted land that Provo had become.

My fellow rejects and I were... well... college freshmen. We'd recently become obsessed with a 24-hour Mexican restaurant that had breakfast burritos and loads of greasy, gooey foreign food. We went on Tuesday night and thoroughly enjoyed the quesadillas or whatever it was we ordered. We laughed, drove around, felt cool and finally went home.

6:00am the next morning:

I wake up with a really confused stomach. It's telling me something is not right. Not at all right. Luckily stomach and I made it to the bathroom on time for the greasy Mexican food to be expelled from my body. This wasn't fun.

Much to my dismay this happened again at 7:30am. And 10am. And 10:30am. I'd never thrown up so much in my life. I hobbled out to my car to take myself to the health center.

While hauling myself into the driver's seat, surprise! I was recognized by the parents of one of my classmates from 2nd grade. How on earth did they know it was me? Maybe sick, gross 17-year-old me closely resembles 7-year-old me. Anyway... this was no time to chat because I could vomit at any second. So I was kinda rude, but needed to get to a hospital asap. If you ever read this, Jensen's mom, I'm really sorry that I was in too big of a hurry to stop and chat. I hope you're well.

So I made it to the hospital where a nice lady asked me too many questions and I was like "all I want is to stop throwing up". And she said I had some kind of gastro-enteritis or something like that and said she'd give me a shot to help me stop throwing up.

She led me into an exam room and pulled out a shot. Then came the surprise -- the shot was going into my hip. What? I didn't even know that happened. I asked the lady if it was going to hurt and she said, "Yea. This is one of our nastier shots." She actually used the word "nastier".

So I'm basically scared for my life as she sticks the nasty shot into my hip. It did hurt. I managed to get back to my car and go home. Where I threw up three more times. Thanks for nothing hip shot.

So the next day was Thanksgiving. I woke up feeling fine and actually had a lovely time with my cousin and his family. I didn't eat too much for fear of vomit-ation, but was actually ok.

The nurse-lady said that my gastro-enteritis wasn't caused by the Mexican food -- it was just a virus going around. However, this has kept me away from Mexican food except on special occasions or when I feel like I'm being judged for not loving it.

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