Monday, October 18, 2010

Why I am incapable of adulthood

Turns out I need car insurance. And I have to be a grown up and pay for it myself. I mentally and financially prepared myself for paying for car insurance. What I was not prepared for was mail (paper mail, mind you) coming to me full of scary grown-up jargon asking me if my identity had been stolen and here's your policy number and please verify and comprehensive $698.00 quarterly annulment scary scary words...

Bless his heart, my agent, Scott, was so patient with me as I took 5 years trying to find my routing number and figuring out what limits I want (this basically consisted of forwarding all his emails to Mom so she could tell me what I want). Now that I'm pretty sure I have car insurance, I'm kinda lost. The following is an email I sent to my car insurance agent.

Hi Scott,

I'm sorry for being practically incapable of being an adult, but I'm wondering what happens now... I guess I have a policy, right? And each month about $120 will be deducted from my account to pay for it?

I've received some mail from Allstate, but can't quite decipher what it is. One of the letters said that I need to verify my identity with someone? Anyway... What do I do now?



Basically saying:

Dear Scott,

I tried to read your scary mail but instead I put it on a stack of things that I don't know how to deal with. In order to make me feel like less of a failure, I'm emailing you in the hope that you will just tell me what I need to do.



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  2. This is exactly how I deal with health insurance.

    You are funny.


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