Thursday, November 18, 2010

Random Asia Fact #1

Wanna know random things about me? You're probably sitting at home/work/library just itching to know the random minutiae of my psyche.


Too bad, I will tell you anyway.


I don't like cookies.

That's not true. I feel totally neutral about them.

I have no emotion on the subject of cookies.

I have eaten many cookies and I have enjoyed a few of them. I have also disliked some cookies. But the majority of them have no effect on me.

If someone makes me cookies because of my birthday/sadness/they forgot to visit teach me, I always appreciate the thought. I know that it's a really nice thing to make someone cookies. Having said that... I almost always give them away. Usually to my roommates.

Same thing goes with cakes and brownies.

For my birthday this year, one of my friends asked one of my other friends what my favorite kind of cake was. Friend 2 told friend 1 that my favorite kind of cake was pepperoni pizza. There was never a truer statement uttered.

Mama says I can't substitute wedding pizza for wedding cake but I say it's my wedding.

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  1. i will remember to give you a plate of chicken strips when i forget to visit teach you


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