Wednesday, November 10, 2010

First Kiss Part II: Sophomore Year

Dear dude who invented the drinking fountain,

Do you think everyone is 4 feet tall? Or do you think that only children and short people need hydration? Just wondering why all the short people get to have a lovely drink of water and the rest of us get to have back problems. Is this some kind of affirmative action for the vertically challenged?



To those of you following the first kiss story, the second installment is below. I will warn you though... sophomore year was kinda uneventful. I tried to add in some funny stories to spice it up, but today's post is kinda juice-less. I will however say that starting tomorrow (or, if you will, starting junior year), things start to get interesting.

Sophomore Year:
I didn't have any classes with Alex sophomore year. I don't remember much about sophomore year except having the same exact schedule as Ally Palmieri.

Ally and I were in Spanish 2 with Mrs. White (who was black). Ally would annoy her by calling her Sra. Blanca. Whenever we did anything right, Sra. Blanca would give us a little coupon that said "2 points" on it. I have no memory of what we were supposed to do with these, but every time someone earned a coupon, the class would yell "Dos puntos!!" To this day, that is all the Spanish I remember from high school.

Here's a happy picture of me and Ally. We were seniors in this picture, so don't sue me for historical inaccuracy. I don't know if that's even possible, but if it is... please don't.

This was also the year that, one fateful morning in the band room (we went in there when it was cold outside), Laura poked the back of my knees while I was wearing a heavy backpack and I completely fell over.

I also fell asleep in English a lot and drooled through 16 pages of Great Expectations.

I saw Alex periodically from across the high school courtyard. I didn't think about him much. Our freshman year flirtation was over. I thought he was out of my life.

Then came junior year.


  1. What? Are we watching American Idol here? An episode of Lost? Book 2 of Hunger Games. No my friend, that was a self imposed 3rd part release date. So, you just can self impose yo'sef a new one. No need to wait til tomorrow.

  2. I really liked your tidbit on water fountains. I learned this in college. Please allow me to share my knowledge. The short people drinking fountains are required by our federal government in order to accommodate the few and spend lots of money. It's the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) that has done this. As much as our backs hurt now, we will be glad when we're in our motorized wheelchairs and can get a any building built after 1994. We can also thank the ADA for the buttons that open doors, ramps into all public buildings, and at least one jumbo bathroom stall in each bathroom. I'm glad I went to college.


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