Thursday, November 11, 2010

First Kiss Part III: Junior Year

Today is Laura's birthday! She is excellent. She also has a super cool blog. Happy birthday to the girl who is so wonderful she even hung out with me when I wore those camo pants.

Side note: I texted Alex the other day to see if it was ok with him that I was posting all this random stuff about him... but I couldn't think of a way to ask this without sounding like a total creeper.

"How's life? So I have this blog..."
"Hey, can I publicly post a story on the internet about you and me in high school?"
"How am I? I'm doing well! Just trying to make people like me by telling them stories about you."

None of those seemed like acceptable options, so I just said "Hi, how are you?" and he said "Good how are you?" and I never responded. Hmmm....

I'm trying to be careful about how I represent the story, though. I feel like I'm being appropriately self-centered so I don't cause him any unease. So hopefully it's fine...?

Anyway... without further ado:

Junior Year:
The summer before Junior year, Laura and her parents moved to Australia. Rude.

So, junior year was an interesting one. I had no Laura and was therefore forced to be outgoing and social. Another interesting thing was my class schedule. I had AP US History every other day all year long. I think it was on B day. Ask Ally. Or ask Alex. He was in there too.

It was taught by a hip older dude named Dr. Milner. But no one called him that. His first name was James, so everyone called him Dr. J. Dr. J got annoyed with me a lot... but I think he still liked me. I just sometimes would share how my life was similar to that of our founding fathers. For example, we were talking about trains one day and I shared how one time I rode on a train to Washington D.C. (cool story, right?). Dr. J didn't think it was necessary for me to share all of my thoughts.

Alex and I became friends again. Unfortunately, by this point our high-school-niche-social-statuses were better defined and he was now a super cool JV soccer player. I was still the awkward Mormon girl (not much has changed...) and, I came to realize, I still liked him.

Junior year I turned 16.

This didn't seem to matter. Alex was out of my league.

There was, however, a moment I remember that stands out when I think back on my days in APUSH. Randomly one day someone said, "Asia, has anyone ever not liked you?" This was a nice thing to say, but I remembered someone in particular who, in the past, hadn't liked me much. I replied with something like, "Yea... I can think of someone..." then Alex chimed in with, "I know who it was. It was Kendra. She didn't like you because the whole time I was dating her, I couldn't stop talking about you." My knees started to feel a little like jell-o. I probably blushed and stared at the floor.

I continued to see him every other day for all of junior year. I continued to like him from 4 desks away. I considered asking him to hang out, but I knew it would have been a joke. We didn't have any friends in common. This was a big deal.

Summer came. I went to Australia to visit Laura and her family. It was great.

I came back to America.

I was ready for senior year. Kinda ready anyway...

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  1. Dear LtC, (Asia) How come you didn't answer back when he asked how you were?


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