Thursday, November 4, 2010


You guys... as of yesterday my blog has been viewed 1,000 times. That's so nuts! Thanks for finding me entertaining.

[I just felt a really strong desire to watch Homeward Bound. AHH DOES ANYONE HAVE IT??]

To celebrate the 1,000 views, I've decided to thank everyone for the great things they've done for me in life. Here are a few shout-outs:

1. Mom, thanks for being (I just looked up and it kinda scared me). But for reals, you're kinda wonderful and I feel so lucky to have you.

2. Guy who invented pop tarts, thank you for making the s'mores kind. They're delish.

3. Guy who invented the power strip/surge protector, I can't think of anything more useful to the universe than your superfly invention. Way to be.

4. Brothers, I super like you. Thanks for being the best ever. You bring the coolness of the male population WAY up.

5. Wikipedia, you know how I love you.

6. Creator of Are You Afraid of the Dark? (D.J. MacHale -- thanks wikipedia!).

Quality x infinity = Are You Afraid of the Dark?.

Thanks for everything, wonderful people of the world! My life would suck without you...


  1. I"m basically in a jealous rage at this point. New plan: Ladies of 158 reunion. [<--was that our #?]

    p.s. you + the "so dysfunctional" part = me laughing OUT LOUD by myself. Nothing makes you feel quite like a loser like laughing HARD by yourself. :) so thanks for that.

  2. okay, maybe no one cares, but I can totally relate to the comment above. Yesterday in class, my teacher was like "let's watch this YouTube video." So we did.

    The problem was, it was Marcel the Shell and I'd never seen it. I was like a lunatic in the back corner trying to control my laughter. everyone else was pretending to watch the movie, but secretly staring and laughing at me and thinking i was crazy. afterward, i had a serious desire to jump from my seat and run out of the room so i could continue laughing to death. i didn't, but essentially, i am the crazy girl in my class now!


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