Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Random Asia Fact #2: Inappropriate Announcements

I just wikipedia-ed "pwn" because I wanted to be sure I was using it correctly. I am. Also wikipedia told me that there is no proper way to pronounce "pwn". I'm just gonna stick with "pone" and hope for the best.

Pwn. Pwn. Pwn. I feel SO hip.

So here's random thing #2:

When I was young, it was proper etiquette to announce when you were getting in the shower so that other inhabitants knew not to use hot water (dish washer, washing machine, etc). This would ensure a nice, warm shower.

So every time I was going to shower, I would yell (very loudly) "GETTING IN THE SHOW-ER!" Then everyone would know and my shower would be pleasant and warm.

I didn't ever stop doing this. Even after our hot water heater was large enough to accommodate a shower and other hot-water activities. AND even when I left home for college.

I didn't realize it was strange until last year when I announced to my roommates that my shower would begin momentarily.

Roommates: Okee doke. ...Enjoy?
ASIA: Really you should care.

But they didn't.

This has also translated into other areas of my life. I feel like I should let people know when I'm going to use the bathroom. What if they need me for something and can't find me and think I've been kidnapped? If they knew from the start that I would be out of communication for a few minutes, it would put everyone's mind at ease.

Uninformed person: OMG I DUNNO. Probably kidnapped and in the process of gnawing through ropes in the trunk of a car.
People: The humanity! She has the upper body strength of an infant! I hope her tongue is sharp enough to combat her captors with charisma and wit!


Informed person: She has informed me that she is in the restroom. She will be with you momentarily.
People: Sweet deal, daddy-o.

Really it would be selfish for me to keep it a secret. I'm only thinking of you, universe.

SO. I posted on facebook a request for blog post ideas. Really... I liked them all. I'm going to incorporate them in my next few posts until I run out of them. Here's a suggestion from my younger brother, Zac: 

Well you've already covered HOLDMYSPOOOOOOOO, so I can't think of anything. Unless you want to write about how cool I am. Then I'm totally cool with that.

Zac doesn't realize that HOLDMYSPOOOOOOO was covered in a post I haven't published yet (about my brief stint as a Track and Field superstar... get excited). 


But at his suggestion, I will tell you how cool he is: very. 

Very very.  For reals, though. If you aren't best friends with Zac yet, you should really get on that. 

Here's a limerick, as promised.

My mom is a bundle of fun
She had one girl and three sons
So I said, "Oh mother!
I only have brothers!"
And she said, "Zac is the best one."

She didn't really say that... It just rhymed so well.


  1. Tierre and I had a discussion on pwn while we were at pizza pie cafe last month. I told her in my mind I always pronounced it "pinned" in wrestling, you don't want to get pinned, or I pronounce it "pawned," like the chess piece. Like I just pawned your queen. Based on these uses, you can probably tell I cannot properly use the word. I'll leave it to more savvy and modern people.

  2. you are HILARIOUS! your limerick lights up my life

  3. Pwning is heinous, Asia. More often than not, the recipient of pwnage gets an unhealthy of dose of humiliation and/or rage. More alarming, when someone is pwned they are likely to begin pwning other people to ease their pain. It is a vicious cycle that we cannot take lightly!


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