Monday, September 12, 2011

Life Plan

Life plan.

Life plan life plan life plan.

I have a college degree.

I have a job that is related to that degree. Ok. That is good news because not everyone can do that.

I pay for all my own stuff. Including a car payment and my phone bill and lots of other bills that I don't like to think about because it makes me feel too old and poor. This means I don't rely on mom for anything (wellllllllll OK sometimes I use her money to put gas in my car).

I want to get married at some point and have some babies that I can buy cute outfits.

Ultimately, I would like to teach high school film/media classes to juniors and seniors. Or English or something. No. Probably the film/media thing.

I don't think I want to be in Provo anymore because I feel like I'm stuck in a vortex of stasis. It's like my feet are stuck to a launching pad. Everything feels temporary. Plus male/female relationships are all kinds of jacked up.

I don't know where to go next or when to go there.

I don't have a lot of money saved up. Well I do, but I'm too scared to spend it on anything because I feel like it should be in a 401K or something.

I'm running away to Africa for 2 weeks.

Sometimes I play Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 to avoid grown up decisions.

I want to watch all of the movies Queen Latifah has been in.

Some days I feel like all options are good. Some days I feel like all options are bad. Well mostly just scary.

What I've decided is this: How my life changes doesn't matter as much as making the choices to cause change. I just need to move in any direction.

What if I move to Connecticut? That was my thought this evening.


  1. if you move to connecticut, I will have to pick Laura up in Chicago and drag her all the way to connecticut to get the three of us together. Not to mention claf, alyssa (in portugal), and sanchez (in colorado). I'm not saying I won't do it. I just hope you know how inconvenient it will make things for me.

    Also, most great life plans are made in the starbucks at barnes and noble. It's a good place to start. Plan 4 hours minimum and bring $$ for various drinks.

  2. I saw the C-O of Connecticut and my mind immediately jumped to was a sad realization.

    You will be great in whatever life plan you choose. I was just thinking about that a day or two ago. Miss Talent (that's you) has a whole wide world open to her and whatever she chooses to do will be the best:-)!

  3. I grew up in Connecticut. It's awesome, but expensive. Move to New York. Then you could visit Connecticut on the weekends.

  4. I clearly set out your life plan for you. 3 more years here. Move to SoCal because of an awesome job. Meet cool husband. Live next door to me. My plan is flawless. Don't even worry about it.


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