Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Anatomy of a Breakup

A few years ago I went to a series of small plays produced by the New Play Project. One of them was called Anatomy of a Breakup. I, Asia (like the continent), have officially been broken up with. Having been through this experience, I now understand so many more songs, poems and movies about people going through breakups. The secret is it's not very fun, but the Supremes already knew that.

However, I feel older and wiser now that I'm on the other side (or ALMOST on the other side). I feel like one day, when my daughters are having relationship problems, I can say that I went through the same thing and I didn't take any crap. I can tell them I'm glad I had a broken heart because it's important to have one. I can tell them that I cried at embarrassing decibels until I realized that life could go on without him in it. Though their schedules feel suddenly empty and their hands suddenly colder, the world doesn't stop spinning and there are a lot of people that love and support them. I can tell them that even though it doesn't feel like it right now, you will feel better tomorrow and the next day after that. Sleep well little girls across the world, your broken heart will mend. It will.

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  1. That was sweet, Asia. You got you some writing talent that you need to employ FAR more often.


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