Thursday, June 4, 2009

Why I Blog

So I've decided to blog. I've also decided not to tell anyone about it. We'll see if anyone stumbles on it by accident.
For a really long time I didn't understand the concept of a blog - why would anyone want a public diary? I've since realized that blogs have so many more uses than that. Having said that, I think this blog will most likely just be full of my thoughts that you may or may not find interesting. I'm fully aware that blogging can be extremely self-indulgent, much like Why I Went to the Woods by Thoreau or pretty much anything Woody Allen and the things I say will likely have no use to you, but I am operating on the small hope that someone out there, every now and then, will care about what I have to say. I think that's the power of the blog. I'll try to figure out something cool to post like a mystery story or my opinions on movies or something, but for now this is all I've got :-). Thanks for reading.

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