Friday, June 17, 2011

Really Good Movie Review: X-Men First Class

Kevin Bacon was behind the Cuban Missile Crisis. Knew it.

Also Magneto is foxy. Also James McAvoy.

Also Michael from Roswell was in it for like 4 seconds. Also the Mormon doctor from House.

Thank you for joining us for this edition of Really Good Movie Reviews.


  1. OMG - Michael being in it MIGHT have been my favorite part, haha! I saw it with three other Roswell officionados and when we saw him we all gasped and generally cheered.

  2. Yeah, I had trouble taking the movie seriously as soon as Kevin Bacon showed up as the villain... maybe it's all his stupid commercials...

  3. Sam. Kevin Bacon is AWESOME. Let's have a Footloose party.

  4. Spoiler alert! I saw it last night and thought the Kevin Bacon role was ... a little wacky.


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