Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I am nigh unto having 10,000 views on my blog. Crazytown, right??

For your entertainment: Words people have entered into google in order to locate my blog:

- pot of gold at the end of the skanky rainbow
- burned my tongue
- literally in love with this grapefruit
- actiso bromch
- luminary things
- disney belle and the best

It's just interesting to me what sticks in people's brains sometimes. There are other search words that people have used to locate likethecontinent, but they are boring.... like "likethecontinent".

I know all of this info because blogger tells me all kinds of cool statistics. It tells me that 4 people in Slovenia and one person in Egypt have read my blog. It tells me that people like sophomore year of my First Kiss Story better than any of my other posts. This is weird because that's the part of the story where nothing happens.

Also... "belle and the best"? There are just a lot of things wrong with that.

Basically you guys are weird. Weird but wonderful. Kinda like a bite of baked potato pizza.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for being you and finding it entertaining when I'm me :).

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  1. Remember how 2/3 of those search terms are from me? I do and it's great.


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